Friday, April 11, 2014

Just Go Along With It...

So I'm stuck in the house on a 70 degree California day due to intense stupid female problems and I only want to watch Breakfast at Tiffany's and eat non-processed snacks(summer is coming up ok?!).

While watching my favorite part of Breakfast at Tiffany's where Holly Golightly and Paul Varjak decided to try things that they've never done, I was inspired to stop running away from blogging and get back into the swing of things.

I also thought that it would be great to kick things off with a super fun random ramble!
So Just Go Along With It...

1) I'm soooo excited about starting "The Noir Unicorn in The Room" event series! Like, I could seriously scream because I was able pull it off, by the grace of God, with an awesome expert/friend/mentor of mines, Haneef Jordan!
I mean Queens were crying, building friendships, and changing their outlook on life.
"The Noir Unicorn in The Room"
is a fabulous and catered event series that provokes conversation amongst Black Women from ages 19 and up.
An expert touches on topics such as colorism, how we are portrayed in the media, and the steps that need to be taken in order to form a sisterhood.
I feel like this is my mission in life, my calling! I'm so passionate about this to where I have to tell everyone! My heart races every time I talk about it. What a blessing!
The next one is on June 8th by the way!:)


2) How evil are those "BasketBall Wives LA" heffas to Draya??!
I'm always rooting for the underdog because I believe that we all make mistakes and have a past. Now I understand that reality shows are scripted but it's damn near disturbing watching these judgmental positive vibes sucking snakes remind Draya of what she WAS.
I'm totally #TeamDraya, and if she were to take some speech classes(she curses A LOT! lol) and partake in some charitable activities and glorify her journey instead of her past, I would be more than happy to watch a Draya Spinoff :)

3) I have super awesome friends!
I absolutely adore all of my friends because they push me, challenge me to be great, and they support me! All of them have the most incredible energy and I'm always honored to be in their presence.
Being 27 years old, it's all about quality over quantity when it comes to my friendships.
Ladies and Gents, if you can't honestly say that you love your friends, it's time for an upgrade!
don't ever be afraid to make new friends!
I've opened myself up to new people and I have never been happier!

4) My obsession with Etro and Roberto Cavalli Spring 2014 for my personal style inspiration is REAL!

5) Relationship quotes are annoying like a mutha%$&@er!!! Stop this PLEASE!!!! Lol!
Like what are you talking about?!
Who cares! He sure doesn't! That's why you posted this! Stop it!!!
6) I haven't been in a serious relationship in like 3 years! Is that good or bad??
7) Sometimes I regret leaving my 9-5 job due to the financial set backs but then I think of what I was able to accomplish and realize that this is just God's plan for my life. Chasing your dreams puts you in the most challenging positions but my faith overrides my worry.
I would have never been able to:
-Start my organization "Noir Unicorn" and the event series "The Noir Unicorn in The Room"
-Wardrobe style for as many photo shoots
-Be a featured Style Expert for numerous events
-Style and be apart of Fashion Week Las Vegas
-Tap into my elementary school creativity(some of the best times of my little life!lol!)
I know for a fact that I will be successful and it's the journey that is most rewarding!
Well that pretty much does it for this Random Fun Ramble lol!
Thanks for reading and I hope that I was able to inspire you!