Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November Glam: Crys’ Guide to Being Fabulous during the Holidays!


...is only 2 days away and around this time, most people will reflect on what they’re most Thankful for.
As for myself, I believe in remembering what I’m Thankful for daily
(I know that’s so cliché to say but it’s the truth!lol)

What I’m most Thankful for is being FABULOUS

Ok wait, Wait, WAIT!

You knew I was going to say that RIGHT?!? LOL!

Give me 2 minutes to elaborate!

Being Fabulous to me goes deeper than materialistic trappings.

Being Fabulous is a lifestyle.

You want to know what’s Fabulous to me?

  • Respecting others when it’s obviously not mutual
  • Having an incredibly positive attitude in the midst of, what looks like, the worst situation ever!
  • Trusting and Praising God when your current atmosphere could be mistaken for hell
  • Being passionate about helping others because you can relate to what they’re going through
  • Following your heart
  • Pursuing your dreams despite what others may say
  • Not mistaking “Keeping it Real” with being rude
  • Living an honest and truthful life
  • Keeping your body and health at its absolute best
  • Letting go of the negative and committing to moving forward with your life
  • Appreciating that warm feeling in your heart when the simplest little treasure triggers it
  • LITERALLY stopping to smell the roses
  • Laughing out loud(LITERALLY)
  • Making a commitment to not allowing anyone or anything to steal your joy
  • Being Happy by nature!!! 

My loves, there is nothing more Fabulous than a person that possesses these attributes!
There’s something beautifully poetic about being Thankful!

Count your blessings, follow these tips, and I guarantee you that you will survive more than the holidays, Fabulously!

Monday, November 25, 2013

November Glam: Shop Black Friday Like a Pro!


Black Friday is slowly approaching and you're probably more terrified than Rihanna being asked to sing on the spot!
(congrats on the ICON award by the way!)

Where do you go first?
What items should you purchase?
How early should you be there?
Will you get your time and money's worth?
Why are the lines at Starbucks so long?!!

It's time to get a head start on your Black Friday shopping my Deal Seeking Darlings!
Sarah Leon from the Huffington Post has acquired a list of some Fabulous Black Friday Shopping Tips from the Pros!

Happy Shopping!

· To save time and avoid a hectic shopping experience shop early before the crowds hit the stores. 
· Most importantly, organize your list by Men, Women,Children, so that you don't forget someone and have to double back to where you have already shopped.

Lord & Taylor:
· Make sure to carry your cross body bag, so you can be hands free and be "quick on the draw" with your Lord & Taylor savings pass!
· Comfy footwear is essential, wear your most fashionable flats of the season, the "le smoking" slipper.
· After you score the season's hottest small electronics, make sure to visit L&T's main floor for your must-have tech-savvy accessories.

· Using social media will make shopping more efficient and easier. We’ve created a site to make it really easy for customers to access all of the deals to clear through the social clutter where you can get the deals of the moment, styling tips and find out about key items in store. 
· It’s never too early to start shopping for the holidays, I think there is a great energy in the store during Black Friday. It is a fun time to start your shopping as there are fun deals to take advantage of.
· Use your phone. You can ask questions virtually and get real time help from professionals.

· Take advantage of Bloomingdale's complimentary personal shopping services: At Your Service and At His Service. They can pre-shop for customers and present ideas in a private setting, or shop alongside customers to offer suggestions. Then, they can coordinate gift-wrapping and shipping or delivery. And, they work with any budget!
· Customers can check bags or other packages when they get to the store, so they can be free to shop around. Bag check is located on the balcony, off of the main floor.
· When you want to refuel during your shopping, make sure you eat. Check out one of the store's food offerings.

Neiman Marcus/Bergdorf Goodman:
· Use all the tools that are available to you, follow stores on Twitter and Facebook, download their catalog in advance and do research online using the tools in your home. That's a great way to get a sense before you even go into the store. We tweet all the time, so if there are last minute sales it tends to be the people who follow us closely who get in on them!
· Create a wishlist that you can share in advance. 
· Start making your list of things to buy now so that you're not easily tempted by the first thing you see. Take the time now and be old fashioned- write out your list, who you need to buy for and what you're looking at so that you're not tempted into impulse buying. 
· Be efficient!

Century 21:
· Start shopping as early as possible for the holidays. The more time you have to shop, the less likely you are to overspend. Shopping at Century 21 Department Store is great for people who like to give designer brands, but don’t want to pay full price. We are up to 65% off retail everyday, so you never have to wait for a big sale or a coupon. 
· In order to stay organized, make a list of each person you have to buy a gift for and allocate how much money you would like to spend. If you make a clear chart with a budget this will help you not to forget someone or overspend. Century 21 has something for everyone on your list, from designer men's, women's and children's apparel and shoes to accessories, housewares, cosmetics and more!
· Be a loyalty member! For example, using your C21 VIP loyalty card allows you to acquire points while getting insider perks that only members have access to. Also, check social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter for other great insider deals and promotions.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

November Glam: DSquared A/W13 Inspired Look

DSquared A/W13 Inspired Look

"We don't wear our Hearts on our Sleeves
We wear our Glory on our Chests"

The girls couldn't be more excited about November Glam, here, at #CTFW!
It warms our hearts and gives us chills at the same time
 (kind of like The Best Man movie! Did you see that?? That's what it does for us! LOL!).

As I stated previously, I will be breaking down my FAV&FAB Looks from one of my absolute fav Fall 2013 lines, DSquared2.
Inspired by this particular look, I thought it would be funky to bring one of my favorite classic cartoons into the mix, Mickey Mouse!
This look is fun and fabulous enough to be worn to Holiday parties!
What really gets my glitter moving are the Statement Necklaces!
They're bigger and better this year and I couldn't be happier!

Enjoy our look for less Crys' Way, Glamazons, and be sure to send us some of your favorite runway looks and we'll break them down into wallet friendly pieces!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

November Glam: DSquared2 F/W 2013

So this week I'm all about the November Glam!
I will be breaking down some of my absolute FAV&FAB Looks from the 
Dsquared2 F/W 2013 Show for Less!
Until then...
Enjoy the show Glamazons!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Editorial Fab: Liya Kebede for The Sunday Times Style

Let There Be Luxe!

If you're feeling the "Mean Reds" like I am today, then let this be your Caramel Macchiato this morning!

This week, I am all about the November Glam!
It's the foam to my latte, the double-sided tape to my silk low-cut dress, the Sushi Mac to my Rainy Days(LOL)!

So get ready my Gorgeous Glamazons and Enjoy my FAV&FAB Editorial of the week!

photos courtesy of fashiongonerogue.com

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Menswear Obsession: Burberry Prorsum Inspired Fall Trench Coats

trenchcoat mens

Enhance your Fall Wardrobe my handsome homies!

How does a Man exude sexiness while remaining fully covered?
By sporting a Trench Coat!
A Trench Coat on a man is the ultimate apparel turn on!

The Trench Coat is like the little black dress, it's a classic. You can tweak it here and there to keep  up with the trends but no matter what, it will always remain timeless!
Rock your Trench Coat over a suit, with a pair of jeans and button down collard shirt, or with a sweater and a pair of chinos!

Don't got the cheese to spread at your local Burberry boutique on a $2,000 Trench Coat?
No worries my debonair darlings!
As always, I've provided you with a few of my FAV&FAB Burberry Prorsum F/W13 inspired Trench Coats that will keep a few digits on your bank account receipt!

To add the sprinkles to your chocolate ice cream, I've added the 
Menswear Fall/Winter 2013 Fashion Show 
by the originators of the Trench Coat, Burberry, for a additional Fall Trench Coat inspiration!



"The style of the trench coat has changed very little in its over 100 year history.  Classic clothing like this is viewed by many as a sound investment because it lasts.  The owner of a classic trench coat can be assured it will never become dated.   And although buying a new one can be hard on the wallet, it’s hard to find a man who would trade his coat in after it has served him faithfully for decades." 
-The Art of Manliness, Antonio.