Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Meet Our Vendors

The best gifts are one-of-a-kind
Holiday Shop, Sip, & Give Soiree is just 1 Day away!
We've put our blood, sweat, & glitter into this event and we are thrilled that it has finally came together!
Today, it's all about our fabulous vendors who are providing you with
Handmade Jewelry
Woven Custom Mens Pieces
Delectable Sweets!
Let me introduce our fabulous vendors who will be featured at our
"Holiday Shop, Sip, & Give Soiree"
The most fabulous costume jewelry from Africa and inspired by Africa?!
Yes Please!
These unique pieces that she will be selling are completely affordable and make the perfect gifts and addition to every fashionista's jewelry box!
Major *Menswear Alert* Fellas!
Public Treasury carries custom pieces, from woven tops to accessories, that are perfect for the guy that loves quality but has everything!
 Public Treasury Founder, Brandon Willis promises to end your nights in confidence and security.
"Let the threads of my labor become the design of your life. Partaketh all that you do in Public Treasury and I guarantee the look of success and the feeling of greatness."

Trecia J Jewelry embodies the famous saying "Less is more".
From head pieces to stacked rings, this line is perfect for the Woman and Man that value quality and simplicity.
 With a strong background in fashion and inspired by sleek and simple accessories, Trecia decided to design a jewelry line that caters to the understated beauties in the fashion world.
 "My line is all about simplicity! Why be so complex?" 

This line is perfect for everyone!
They are great to give as gifts or to treat yourself with a glass of champange!
Strawberry Kouture is a custom chocolate dipped strawberry business specializing in kouture strawberries and other sweet treats. Each treat is unique, just like you and me, created exclusive for the person indulging in them. Strawberry Kouture (SK) uses only the purest chocolate, paying close attention to ingredients of our products as well as the freshness and quality of our fruits. We put great amounts of time, energy and effort into each kouture strawberry, making sure that our clients' experience is one like never before.
Now that you and our featured vendors have been acquainted, make sure that you shop these fabulous vendors at our Holiday Shop, Sip, & Give Soiree tomorrow!
See you then!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

6 Tips from MUA Urban Glam Gyrl

Urban Glam Gyrl
Holiday Shop, Sip, & Give Soiree is just 2 Days away and we're counting down the hours until the Big day!
Especially since lifestyle and makeup blogger,
will be there to do our makeup, give us Fall/Winter Trend makeup tutorials, give us skin care advice, and provide us with tons of easy-to-do makeup tips.
Can't wait another day?
The beauty guru has provided us with 6 of her top tips for the winter!
Check it out and get more makeup and skin care tips and tricks from
Urban Glam Gyrl
The Holiday Shop, Sip, & Give Soiree
this Thursday, from 7-10pm at Urban Trademark Boutique!
1. It's the winter time so it's a bit more chilly in the office, at home or in the car.
The heat from the heater can suck the life right out of your skin and cause it to become dry and dehydrated. Rather than turn up the heater every time you feel a chill, try wearing more layers to keep you warm instead. 

2. Stay hydrated...
Water is your skin's friend all year round. Staying hydrated from the inside will help your skin to stay more supple and will help to retain moisture if you do opt to use your heater a bit more, which is understandable during the winter months.

3. Rose water...
Heading out to an Holiday get together or after work Christmas celebration? I like to freshen up my face with a spritz or two of rose water. Rose water is a favorite of mine as it helps to maintain the skins natural pH, has anti-aging benefits and tightens pores. I usually purchase mine online or at an Indian grocery store, but you can also find it at Whole Foods.

4. Winged Eyeliner...
 If I've been at the office all day and I'm headed to an after work event, I don't have time to re-do my whole face. So I freshen up the face with my rose water toner and then I usually touch up my eyeliner. I like to wing out my eyeliner for a more dramatic evening look but without appearing to made up.

5. Add some sparkle...
If winged eyeliner isn't your thing you can also up the drama factor by adding a bit of glitter or sparkle with your eye shadow. If you keep your makeup pretty neutral for the office, then just select an eye shadow that's in the same color family or that complements your makeup look and pop in your makeup bag. When you're ready to switch up your look after work, you can just pop that sparkle eye shadow on top and freshen up your eye liner.

6. Try a bold lip...
I love a bold berry lip in the fall/winter. Find one that suits your skin tone and your lifestyle and then just have fun with it. There are so many shades out there, I'm sure you will find one that suites your taste. One of my faves is Berry Haute by Revlon, which you can find at CVS, Rite Aid or Walgreens and my other fave is Hang-up by MAC Cosmetics. A berry lip almost instantly ups the drama and says that you are ready for all the holiday parties!!!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

8 Tips on How to Look Fabulous in Every Picture

Tis the Season to VOGUE!
8 Days until "Holiday Shop, Sip, & Give Soiree" and guess what ladies and gentleman, there will be photographers!
All too often I see girls with dead eyes, duck faces, and uncomfortable poses.
With holiday season in full swing and our camera whore generation, it's going to be hard to avoid the "Omg let's take a picture!", whether you're at a company party, family dinner, or at our fabulous "Holiday Shop, Sip, & Give Soiree" getting your picture snapped!
Ladies & Gents, lets make your next photo ops and instagram snaps be your best holiday pictures!
Below are 8 Tips on How to look Fabulous in Every Picture from The Fashion Spot!
Here's to getting more likes than you could imagine!
1. Think Pleasant Thoughts
This might seem trite, but sometimes the best way to get a good expression is to realistically think about something pleasant: a special memory, your favorite moment, or a sentimental sweet thing your friend, spouse, or child did for you, says photographer and editorial stylist Anna Naphtali. “Real thoughts of happiness help get a genuine smile or look and calm an otherwise forced facial expression.”

2. Work On Your Facial Expressions and Posing

If you have thin lips, part them slightly and blow lightly to create the illusion of fuller ones, advises international model Sarah Ingle. “Those with round faces should avoid facing the camera straight on and instead turn the head slightly to one side.” Have a weak chin or an over-projected nose? Sarah suggests shifting the jaw forward a bit when photographed from the side for a more balanced profile.


3. Find Your Signature Smile

Ever notice how most celebs are typically seen on the red carpet with the same smile and pose time after time? Well, it’s because they’ve figured out what works for them, notes beauty and style expert, and former international model, Tiffany Hendra. “Grab your iPhone and take some photos of yourself until you find a ‘signature’ smile that you’re pleased with.” Hey, practice makes perfect, right?

4. Keep It Simple
Getty Images staff photographer Jamie McCarthy’s best advice? Keep it simple. “Don’t force your pose, make it relaxed and comfortable. Try not to look like a deer caught in headlights either. Make sure to stand up straight and even slightly arch your back.” And just like Tiffany said, practice, practice, practice!


5. Remember: Proper Lighting Is Key

According to portraiture photographer Aaron Gil, the ultimate tip for looking good in photos is finding proper lighting that complements your face. “Avoid harsh shadows which accentuate blemishes and cause contrasting dark areas under your eyes or beneath the nose,” he says. “Complementary lighting is even from the top of the forehead to the bottom of the chin, as well as from cheek to cheek.”


6. You DON’T Have a Bad Side

Contrary to common thought, a bad side doesn’t actually exist, says celebrity fashion photographer and former model, Nigel Barker. “Focus all that energy on looking into the camera with confidence and slightly turning your body at an angle to either side. This will help show off your ‘WOW!’ figure.”


7. Shape Your Silhouette When Seated

“Your figure can become lost in the background if you don’t adjust your pose when seated,” says Nigel. “So be sure to sit up straight and towards the edge of your chair. This will lengthen your torso and ensure the camera captures your best silhouette.”

8. Put Your Hands On Your Hips
Putting your hands on your hips is always a good look, says McCarthy. “It can accentuate your waist, give you the perception of being slimmer, and even make the photo look more natural and animated instead of just stiff with your arms at your sides.” When posing this way, McCarthy recommends positioning your hands with your fingers out, palms facing behind you. “This gives you the opportunity to show off any rings or other jewelry and also looks much more natural and comfortable.”

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

9 Cool Secret Santa Gifts Under $25

top 9 cool gifts

Tis The Season to give Secret Santa Gifts!
9 Days until "Holiday Shop, Sip, & Give Soiree" and today we're focusing on
 Secret Santa Gifts!
Now me, personally, I dread Secret Santa exchanges like I dread the snow
 (How do you deal with it east coast??!)

Well if you loathe the $25 Gift Exchanges like I do, due to not being sure of what exactly to get someone you hardly know, don't fret my Mistletoe Muffins!

As I searched for some Secret Santa Gift Inspiration on sites like Urban Outfitters and TopShop, I came across these incredibly awesome gifts that are perfect for the picky guy that has it all to the girl who is "ok" with whatever you give her at the company gift exchange dinner
(don't you hate that girl? lol!)

Check out the my Top 9 Coolest Gifts  EVER that won't break the bank for Him & Her!

To Attend
December 19, 2013
1200 N La Brea
Los Angeles 90302

Monday, December 9, 2013

10 Things that Inspired Me to Throw "Holiday Shop, Sip, & Give Soiree"

Tis the season to be Inspired!
"Holiday Shop, Sip, & Give Soiree" is in 10 Days and I couldn't be more thrilled!
All of our ideas, loves and passions coming together under 1 roof!
Fashion, Music, Charity, Sweets, and Champagne!
I've been counting down the days until the big soiree and I thought that it would be clever to do it fabulously!
Through out the days leading up to the "Holiday Shop, Sip, & Give Soiree",
I will be sharing the perfect gifts to give the guy/gal that has it all from our selected vendors,
Top holiday looks for men and women to wear at any holiday event,
some fabulous tips from our featured
MUA, Urban Glam Gyrl,
Hair Stylist, Sherice Loren!
Lets kick things off with the Top 10 Things that Inspired Me to Throw this Event, followed by what to expect!
1) My love for all things Fabulous
Expect lots of sparkle, glam, and unicorns(jk)!
2) My desire to help people build their personal style
Everyone has their own personal style, sometimes you need someone to bring it out and that's what I'll be doing for you!
3) My passion to patronize independent brands
Save your mall money and spend it on one-of-a-kind pieces for special gifts and Holiday ensembles!
4) A great excuse to sip on Champagne Cocktails and chow down on Holiday Sweets
Scrap your trendy diets for 1 evening and treat yourself to delectable treats, sweets, and cocktails!
You deserve it!
5)To highlight amazing Make Up Artists and Hair Stylists
MUA Urban Glam Gyrl & Hair Stylist Sherice Loren will be providing skin, makeup, and hair care tips, tricks, consultations and touch ups!
6) Charity
With my passion for helping others and giving back, including a Toy Drive in this event was inevitable for this Christmas Season!
(Bring an unwrapped toy to our event and they will all be donated to the Children with AIDS Foundation)
7) An excuse to schmooze with my fellow industry veterans, Hollywood tastemakers, and young professionals
Minus the Hollywood Attitude of course!
8) To provide helpful hair, skin, make up, gifting, and style tips that will enhance our guests' appearance and simplify their lives
This event means nothing if you haven't felt relieved of your holiday stress!
This event is about You! We want to make sure that you take plenty away from this soiree!
9) A chance to be 1 half of the swank duo hosts with Designer and Brand Consultant, Kianna Shann
Kianna Shann and I will be hosting, styling, schmoozing, and looking Fabulous just for You!lol
10) I effin LOVE Holiday Parties!
Make sure you Holiday Hotties come out to our "Holiday Shop, Sip & Give Soiree" to shop some of the best independent designers and vendors that LA has to offer!
This is an event that you don't want to miss!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Event Fab: UNIQUE LA Holiday Show

"We hate the mall, we love LA!"
It's time to get a head start on your Christmas shopping my December Darlings, why not kick it off with some handmade jewelry, homemade baked goods, and one-of-a-kind threads that was all made right in your backyard??
That's right loves!
UNIQUE LA is here and I couldn't be more thrilled!
I have been attending Unique LA for years!
You know I am all about supporting our local independent designers because:
I'm supporting our economy
I won't see anyone else walking down sunset with the same pieces that I'm donning
(*ahem* H&M *ahem*)
I get the chance to show off a fabulous design by an independent designer!
Show your support to our Made-In-America Vendors!
Get the Deets Below!

UNIQUE LA Holiday Show Details
When: Saturday and Sunday, December 7 & 8
$10 at the door (cash only) or online, Kids 12 and under are free.
Where: California Market Center, 110 East Ninth St.
Hours: 11am-6pm (both Saturday & Sunday)
Parking: There is secure, underground parking at the California Market Center for $6 during Unique LA. There are also numerous outdoor parking lots surrounding the building.

 Admission includes:
• A limited edition cotton tote bag from our artist series
• Unlimited re-entry for both days
Free cocktails at our Bar, plus free drinks from JOIA All Natural Sodas, Honest Tea, GT’s Kombucha and more!
• DIY arts and crafts projects all weekend long!
• Free photo booth portraits and a print at the Oh Snap Studios Photo Booth

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December Wishes

It's December already and the year has gone by incredibly fast!
So what are my last 10 *Wishes* before the end of the year?
1) A Nation wide recall on all Peplum Tops (Good Lord, Please!)
2) Wannabe Style Mavens to realize that there is Style and then there is Straight Up Tackiness
3) Roberto Cavalli and H&M Collaboration PLEASE!
4) Tara to NOT forget to DESTROY Peter Gunz Robocop shades during her next spaz
5) To attend MADE Fashion Week
6) Less leather pants, more wool skirts
7) A Prada Vitello Bowler Bag, the one below (CrysWishlist!)
8) Random 90 degree weather days
9) Beyoncé to PLEASE release her new album
10) For a Unicorn to bring me a year supply of Cashmere, Diamonds, Faux Fur Coats,
and Coconut Water

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Showcasing Brands for Holiday Shop, Sip, and Drink Soiree!

“Holiday Shop, Sip, & Give Soiree”
Brand Placement 


  'Afternoon my Holiday Hotties!

I've finally awoken from my Thanksgiving coma and ready to return to the Fashion Bloggosphere
(that's a word now right? lol!)
I am super excited to announce my partnership with Designer and Brand Consultant, Kianna Shann, in hosting the
"Holiday Shop, Sip, and Give Soiree"
The Holiday Shop, Sip, and Give Soiree
 is scheduled to take place on Thursday, December 19 at The Urban Trademark!
The Holiday Shop, Sip, and Give Soiree
is a Holiday event where Independent Designers and Brands in Los Angeles can showcase their designs; whether it be Menswear, Womenswear, Jewelry, Accessories, Beauty, or Shoes!
If you fit this description, we're looking for YOU!
Participate in the ultimate shopping experience just in time for the holidays!
I, Style Expert(I LOVE saying that), Crys Watson, will be styling ultra chic guests,  industry veterans, shopping mavens, and young professionals in YOUR garments and accessories, creating the most FABULOUS head-to-toe Holiday and New Years ensembles! I will also be giving last minute gifting and personal style tips!

            As you all know, nothing makes me happier
(besides downing holiday treats with champagne.. Oh yea, that'll be there too!)
than supporting and showcasing independent brands so if you're interested or know someone that would be perfect for this event, please email us at
Catch the deets below!
We currently have open slots for a few more brands.
However, slots are filling fast.


$175 Sponsorship and Product Placement

-Sales floor table (includes rack or table with table cloth and chair)
-Branding on all flyers, marketing and step and repeat
-Access to emails of all guest and attendees (possibly over 200 people)
-Floor models marketing your products to guest throughout the event floor (1-2 outfit per brand, models will remain in  the wardrobe for 15-25 minutes)
-Social Media blast to over 1000 followers
-Professional Images

 $150 Product Placement

-Sales floor table (includes rack or table with table cloth and chair)
-Floor models marketing your products to guest throughout the event floor (1-2 outfit per brand, models will remain in  the wardrobe for 15-25 minutes)
-Social Media blast to over 1000 followers
-Professional Images
-Branding on all flyers and marketing


DATE: December 19, 2013 (THURSDAY)

Location: Urban Trademark
1200 N La Brea Los Angeles 90302


No Holiday event is complete with out the gift of giving. We are asking to all of our participants guest and brands alike bring along an unwrapped toy to benefit the Children with Aids organization (The Children With Aids Foundation)

   Interested in being a Vendor?
Send in line sheets and info to: