Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Quote of The Day

"Look a Million Dollars 
Spending a Million Dollars"


Reacquaint yourself with your old childhood stores
(Great quality for under $50? Yes Please!)

Discount Shop
(iHEART scoring designer threads at incredibly cheap prices!)

Thrift Shop
(Do I wish to find silk blouses for $12, take these vintage skirts for $8
and other amazing pieces that I'll never have to worry about anyone else having?
The answer is... I DO!)

Befriend a Tailor
 (These people are vital in your FABulousness!)

You're Welcome

If you have questions, would like a list of some of my favorite Thrift Shops, or would like more style tips & advice, feel free to email me @

Monday, February 25, 2013

The Case of the Mondays

::Singing:: "Take me to anotha place..."

It's Monday and all I can think about is escaping to somewhere far and FABulous!
The first 3 days of the week almost always have me on edge, clinging on to the most exotic and intriguing item that I can find at the moment for dear life, and clicking my heels in the hopes of opening my eyes to the CafĂ© de la Paix in the 9th arrondissement!
Or at least the nearest Coffee Bean..Sheesh!


All I can do is daydream on this mundane/bittersweet Monday about my perfect getaway. 
What's the sweet part?
Oh! I get to take you all with me my lovelies!
Money? Oh baby! It's Free!
Are you ready?
Get set!
Let's go!

The Perfect Destination: Cannes, France!

The Perfect Jet-Setting Outfit
The Glitter: $252.63

The Perfect Swimsuit
The Glitter: $740.00

The Perfect Brunch Spot

The Perfect Daytime Outfit
The Glitter: $312.00

The Perfect Tourist Tote
The Glitter: $350.00

The Perfect Walking Shoes
The Glitter: $235.00

The Perfect Dinner Spot

The Perfect Evening Dress
The Glitter: $220.00

The Perfect Evening Shoes
The Glitter: $775.00

The Perfect Evening Clutch
The Glitter: $118.00

Going to Cannes, France while on the clock
The Glitter: PRICELESS
that was fun.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Editorial FAB: Foam Magazine March/April 2013

In The Land of OZ!

Aussie Ford Model beauty, Hanna, dons whimsical, yet relaxed, looks featuring furs, metallics, and sheer materials by Australian designers in the March/April issue of Foam Magazine.
Photographer: Olivia Malone
Wardrobe Stylist: Christine Baker

This editorial has me praying for 80 degree LA weather just so I can put together some inspired looks!
Click & Enjoy

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