Monday, April 30, 2012


MONOGRAM  Luxury Labels
It's the perfect way to let everyone know how much we've spent without saying a word.

Monogram - Verb
The act of Shitting on your fellow comrades without speaking.
Disclosing your FABulousness without opening your mouth, all while acquiring haters.

Monogram is like Alcohol.
When done in moderation, you feel Confident, Fierce, and FABulous!

You feel as if you're apart of the "in" crowd.

Over-doing it will have you thinking that you're the Hottest Chick walking down Hollywood blvd while everyone who comes in contact with you laughs uncontrollably behind your back and others wonder who and where the hell are your friends!


Friends, Homies don't let Homies leave their homes looking like an alphabet soup Explosion!
It's Devastating to see my fellow LA natives walking around town, not only donning an UNFABulous ensemble, but to see that they're surrounded by people that obviously Hate them or are just as UNFABulous!

The Message
Unless you're getting Paid, there is no excuse for you to be a walking Advertisement.

This has been a Crys Public Service Announcement

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