Saturday, May 12, 2012

SCARIEST "Fashion" Tutorial Video EVER You Guys!


So I absolutely LIVE for YouTube Fashion Tutorial videos!

*SN: Be on the look out for Fashion Tutorial Videos by yours Truly, CrysTheFABulousWatson on YouTube :-) *

Not necessarily for Fashion tips, more so for entertainment!
It's my TV...I mean it's better than watching middle aged women throwing wine bottles at other women and cringing at Royce and DMX crying every other week!

So I came across this very beautiful young lady by the name Diamond's YouTube channel and I nearly CHOKED on my Cherry Limeade!
I could not stop laughing! Like this is honestly the Scariest Fashion Tutorial video that I've ever came across and the crazy piano music in the background just adds to the Fashion Faux Pas Madness!
Yes its long but it's definitely worth it! LOL!!

Enjoy :)
"Yes Ma'am!"

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