Thursday, May 24, 2012

Crys' FAB Tip of the Day - Upgrade your Undergarments


Are you wondering why you're in such an UnFABulous mood?
Not feeling too confident... Nothing seems to be going your way today...

Hmm... Perhaps it could be your Underwear?

YES, your Underwear!

They're one of the first pieces of clothing that we put on, and could determine the outcome of our day.

Glass Half Empty = Granny Panties
Sucky Mood = Saggy Underwear
Pissed off = Period Stained Draws

Think about it.

When we put on a pair of Sleek and Sexy undies, it immediately boosts our self-esteem!

Following the Sexy panties comes the absolutely Darling matching bra, and of course you can't top off  your Fetching undergarments with a sub-par ensemble!
No Way!
You throw on your best digs and before you realize it, you're walking out the door with a Peachy pep in your step, ready and willing to Instagram & Tumblr the head-to-toe Goddess that you are!

Do NOT deny yourself an INCREDIBLE Day!
Swap the Holey Draws for Panties that will Upgrade your FABulousness, leaving everyone in Awe!

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