Tuesday, October 8, 2013

FALL FAB: UGG's Are NEVER The Answer!

Fall is here ladies and gentlemen and I am super silver-glittered about it!
Pumpkin mistos, Bordeaux nail polish, knee-high boots, holiday parties; nothing excites me more
(besides Law & Order SVU marathons and all white ensembles!)
...Unfortunately, there are the cons of the California fall season...
NEVER have I loathed anything more (besides the word "twerk" and hot pockets) than our generation's ultimate downfall, 
UGGs are equivalent to:
  • a man asking you to split the bill on the 1st date
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Forever 21's return policy
  • touching a Black Woman's hair
It's downright DISRESPECTFUL!

You're basically admitting that life has beat you down, revealed your insecurities, and only left you $155 to display your defeat when stepping out of the house!

UGG wearing offenders have stated that it is the "comfort" that attracts them to the paper bags with soles, but how can anyone feel comfortable knowing that the Devil wins every time that they put on those 1993 suede love seatsthey call 

Let 2013 be the year that you reclaim your dignity!
Repent your Fashion faux-pas sins and forgive yourself with these comfy, yet FABulous Boots!
Below are a few of my FAV & FAB Boots that will help you weather the storm comfortably in Eye-Pleasing STYLE!

Untitled #6

"It is said, that every time a Woman throws a pair of UGGs in the trash, an Angel gets its Wings..."

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