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~Stylish Citizens~ That YOU Should Know: Elaine Valerie Nuguid

~Stylish Citizens~
Anybody can purchase Fashion and look Fashionable, but it's TRUE Style that stands out in a crowd.
~Stylish Citizens~ was created to shine a much deserving light on hustling individuals making a name for themselves, all while staying true to their Unique and FABulous Style.
We can't make this S#@t up yo!


Today, we past the ~Stylish Citizens~ Torch to our Ultra Boho-Chic, 
Elaine Valerie Nuguid.
Elaine is an actor/singer living in the San Fernando Valley. She graduated from Cal State Northridge with a BA in Theatre. Recently she appeared in a Dove Campaign, which was seen in magazines such as  Cosmopolitan, ELLE, and People Style Watch. In addition to her budding acting career, she's made fashion and style a very important aspect of her daily life incorporating both a bohemian and edgy sensibility, in both in her work and play. She currently works for HauteLook, and runs the blog Lainey Turns The  Camera On.

Mrs. Elaine, from the very moment that I met you, I’ve been in awe of your personal style! Where do you get your style inspiration from?
Thank you! It sounds really cliché but I definitely get a lot of my style inspiration from my mom. She was a singer in the Philippines back in the 70s, and she had the most amazing collection of vintage pieces. Unfortunately, my mother is 4’11 and has this teeny tiny frame, so I don’t fit into any of it. But it’s still so wonderful seeing pictures of her in these amazing clothes when she was performing.
I also get a lot of information from street style. As an actor, people watching is part of the job. But I especially love people watching, when I see interesting and unique style walk by.

I'm the same way! I love getting inspiration from street style! So, would you consider yourself a label-lover or a dedicated thrift shopper?
I am hands down the biggest thrifter you will ever meet. I love me a good thrift find. Obviously, if I find a vintage Valentino I wouldn’t turn my back. But I’ve been known to shop at thrift stores since I was in high school. It’s very much how I was raised. And I have a lot of respect for it. Fashion is always repeating. Might as well save some money while you shop.

I couldn't agree more! Who would you say is your favorite Clothing Designer? 
Gosh, from the classics it’s gotta be Chanel. All the way. But from the more recent designers I’ve been seeing on the runway-I have to say I love Prabal Gurung. I love the way he designs for a woman’s body. So sexy yet so edgy at the same time.

What Fashion piece do you own, that you would guard with your life?
I have this gold brocade floral print cocoon jacket that every time I look at it, I just sigh. I got it at a vintage store last year, and have worn it for one of my photoshoots. It’s definitely something I can’t wear very often, but it’s something I will never ever get rid of. It’s too beautiful.

Every girl has THE DRESS in their closet, what’s yours? 
A Winter Kate kimono maxi dress, that I haven’t even worn yet. It’s so gorgeous and I’m still waiting for the right moment to bust it out.

 What’s the ONE accessory that you just can’t leave home without?
My wedding ring. J

I love it!! Ok, what Staple Pieces define your style?
Give me a kimono jacket, a pair of exaggerated flared jeans, and a hat-and I’m all set.  I’m very Bohemian when it comes to my style. It’s definitely something I gravitate towards.

Finish This Sentence: My Style is _____. 
Eclectic. I’m mostly Bohemian, but I do whatever I feel like that day. Whether it be edgy, sexy or grungy.

Your style is so unique! What are Elaine’s Closet Essentials? 
It depends on the season. Right now, I want to stay cool for the upcoming summer season. So I need to have flowy kimonos, dresses, skirts, etc…I also love shorts, loose tanks, and hats. Lots of hats to cover my face from the sun.

What style advice can you give to girls out there that are lost on Planet Trendy?
There’s more than just Forever 21. Don’t get me wrong, I love me a good bargain, and I love getting my basics from Forever 21. But in order to really define your style-you have to push yourself outside your comfort zone. So, branch out to little boutiques and mom & pop shops that you woudn’t normally shop at. My favorite part of living in LA, is finding hidden treasures all the time. It’s a great feeling to get something that you know, nobody else will have.

Exactly! Never limit your Fashion expenditures to the mall. So, what does Mrs.Elaine have in the works?
Right now, I’m currently working for a great fashion company, while working on my passion for acting.

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