Thursday, September 6, 2012

Trend FAB: The Moto Jacket Cool

The "Moto Jacket Cool"
Is there any other way to explain it?

I mean, the "Moto Jacket Cool" is that feeling you get when you're 12 years old playing ding-dong ditch.
It's being on the Open Road by yourself at 17 and discovering Vegas at 21!
Yea, you might not own a Motorcycle, but the "Moto Jacket Cool" gives you that Adrenaline Rush just walking down the street.
Sure, you may not belong to a Bikers Club, but the jacket, alone, makes you Bad Ass.
Need more proof?
Check out Pop Stars, Rihanna & Rita Ora, showing off their "Moto Jacket Cool".

                                                       Rihanna                                                      Rita Ora 

Feening for the "Motor Jacket Cool" but not sure where to hit first?
Check out a few of my FAV & FAB Moto Jacket finds!

The Glitter: $34.80

The Glitter: $110

The Glitter: $329.99

The Glitter: $482.89

and if you're feeling snazzy...

Wear your Moto Jacket with a Funky T-Shirt and a Bright & Bold Lip!

The Glitter: $38

The Glitter: $32.99

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