Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Menswear Obsession Week: How to buy the Perfect Suit


Are you tired of seeing this post on instagram?
You have aspirations of "Suiting Up", but they're just aspirations because, you have no idea where to start when it comes to purchasing the perfect suit?
(We'll touch on the video games and the wining and dinning later)

Well there's no time like the present my future debonair gentlemen
I like to think of myself as a GQ Certified Suit Connoisseur and I must say that nothing makes me swoon more (besides 90's nickelodeon cartoons and a glass of red wine lol) 
than seeing a guy in a sleek suit that looks as if it was bespoken.
Not everyone can afford the luxury of a bespoken suit, but as I always say, you can 
(say it with me Fellas)
 "LOOK like a million bucks without SPENDING a million bucks! 
Below are a few of my FAV&FAB videos that will tell you how to purchase the perfect suit for you by finding the suit style that fits you best, wearing your proper size, and utilizing your local tailor shops.

We're gonna kick things with "The Perfect Modern Suit for the Modern Man" (click to enlarge) visual!
These 15 minutes will change your life!
We'll show those girls on instagram!




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