Tuesday, November 26, 2013

November Glam: Crys’ Guide to Being Fabulous during the Holidays!


...is only 2 days away and around this time, most people will reflect on what they’re most Thankful for.
As for myself, I believe in remembering what I’m Thankful for daily
(I know that’s so cliché to say but it’s the truth!lol)

What I’m most Thankful for is being FABULOUS

Ok wait, Wait, WAIT!

You knew I was going to say that RIGHT?!? LOL!

Give me 2 minutes to elaborate!

Being Fabulous to me goes deeper than materialistic trappings.

Being Fabulous is a lifestyle.

You want to know what’s Fabulous to me?

  • Respecting others when it’s obviously not mutual
  • Having an incredibly positive attitude in the midst of, what looks like, the worst situation ever!
  • Trusting and Praising God when your current atmosphere could be mistaken for hell
  • Being passionate about helping others because you can relate to what they’re going through
  • Following your heart
  • Pursuing your dreams despite what others may say
  • Not mistaking “Keeping it Real” with being rude
  • Living an honest and truthful life
  • Keeping your body and health at its absolute best
  • Letting go of the negative and committing to moving forward with your life
  • Appreciating that warm feeling in your heart when the simplest little treasure triggers it
  • LITERALLY stopping to smell the roses
  • Laughing out loud(LITERALLY)
  • Making a commitment to not allowing anyone or anything to steal your joy
  • Being Happy by nature!!! 

My loves, there is nothing more Fabulous than a person that possesses these attributes!
There’s something beautifully poetic about being Thankful!

Count your blessings, follow these tips, and I guarantee you that you will survive more than the holidays, Fabulously!

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