Friday, November 8, 2013

Menswear Obsession: How to Tie a Tie and Bowtie

But 1st! 
I want to share with you the 5 Reasons to wear a Tie!
(I found this off of a Men's Style blog and I couldn't agree more!)

1) Ties can be worn with blue jeans. When we think of ties, we automatically think suits. Not exactly so – you can wear them with casual outfits as well (think jeans and polo shirts)! 

2)If you want to impress a girl or just wear something different, you don’t have to spend big bucks on plenty of clothes. Wear the same ones and add a tie. You will look taller. 

3) Vertical stripes on a shirt give the impression that the person is taller than he or she actually is. Ties achieve the same effect. Trust me, the effect is as real as it can be! 

4)You’ll look classy. Even if you go for slim ties, you’re still inclining the balance towards casual for your outfit. It’s one thing to wear a big sliver chain around your neck and it’s completely different to wear a tie. You have plenty to choose from. Generally, when matching outfits it’s hard to play with colors and patterns. You risk looking ridiculous. When it comes to ties, however, you can choose from the plethora of patterns: uni (without any patterns), with stripes even with animals silhouettes (I’ve seen one of those they look awesome!)

5) The tie can be the one colored element in an otherwise dark outfit. If you’re just starting changing your wardrobe, you may have a lot of black, white and gray clothes in your closet. if they fit you you can just add a colored uni tie to make things interesting (for instance, if you have a gray V-neck and a white shirt you can get a nice orange tie. 

Below are a visual and 2 of my FAV&FAB vids that will teach you the most simplest ways to tie a Tie and a Bowtie!

Grab you roommates Tie and get started!

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