Wednesday, December 11, 2013

8 Tips on How to Look Fabulous in Every Picture

Tis the Season to VOGUE!
8 Days until "Holiday Shop, Sip, & Give Soiree" and guess what ladies and gentleman, there will be photographers!
All too often I see girls with dead eyes, duck faces, and uncomfortable poses.
With holiday season in full swing and our camera whore generation, it's going to be hard to avoid the "Omg let's take a picture!", whether you're at a company party, family dinner, or at our fabulous "Holiday Shop, Sip, & Give Soiree" getting your picture snapped!
Ladies & Gents, lets make your next photo ops and instagram snaps be your best holiday pictures!
Below are 8 Tips on How to look Fabulous in Every Picture from The Fashion Spot!
Here's to getting more likes than you could imagine!
1. Think Pleasant Thoughts
This might seem trite, but sometimes the best way to get a good expression is to realistically think about something pleasant: a special memory, your favorite moment, or a sentimental sweet thing your friend, spouse, or child did for you, says photographer and editorial stylist Anna Naphtali. “Real thoughts of happiness help get a genuine smile or look and calm an otherwise forced facial expression.”

2. Work On Your Facial Expressions and Posing

If you have thin lips, part them slightly and blow lightly to create the illusion of fuller ones, advises international model Sarah Ingle. “Those with round faces should avoid facing the camera straight on and instead turn the head slightly to one side.” Have a weak chin or an over-projected nose? Sarah suggests shifting the jaw forward a bit when photographed from the side for a more balanced profile.


3. Find Your Signature Smile

Ever notice how most celebs are typically seen on the red carpet with the same smile and pose time after time? Well, it’s because they’ve figured out what works for them, notes beauty and style expert, and former international model, Tiffany Hendra. “Grab your iPhone and take some photos of yourself until you find a ‘signature’ smile that you’re pleased with.” Hey, practice makes perfect, right?

4. Keep It Simple
Getty Images staff photographer Jamie McCarthy’s best advice? Keep it simple. “Don’t force your pose, make it relaxed and comfortable. Try not to look like a deer caught in headlights either. Make sure to stand up straight and even slightly arch your back.” And just like Tiffany said, practice, practice, practice!


5. Remember: Proper Lighting Is Key

According to portraiture photographer Aaron Gil, the ultimate tip for looking good in photos is finding proper lighting that complements your face. “Avoid harsh shadows which accentuate blemishes and cause contrasting dark areas under your eyes or beneath the nose,” he says. “Complementary lighting is even from the top of the forehead to the bottom of the chin, as well as from cheek to cheek.”


6. You DON’T Have a Bad Side

Contrary to common thought, a bad side doesn’t actually exist, says celebrity fashion photographer and former model, Nigel Barker. “Focus all that energy on looking into the camera with confidence and slightly turning your body at an angle to either side. This will help show off your ‘WOW!’ figure.”


7. Shape Your Silhouette When Seated

“Your figure can become lost in the background if you don’t adjust your pose when seated,” says Nigel. “So be sure to sit up straight and towards the edge of your chair. This will lengthen your torso and ensure the camera captures your best silhouette.”

8. Put Your Hands On Your Hips
Putting your hands on your hips is always a good look, says McCarthy. “It can accentuate your waist, give you the perception of being slimmer, and even make the photo look more natural and animated instead of just stiff with your arms at your sides.” When posing this way, McCarthy recommends positioning your hands with your fingers out, palms facing behind you. “This gives you the opportunity to show off any rings or other jewelry and also looks much more natural and comfortable.”

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