Tuesday, December 17, 2013

6 Tips from MUA Urban Glam Gyrl

Urban Glam Gyrl
Holiday Shop, Sip, & Give Soiree is just 2 Days away and we're counting down the hours until the Big day!
Especially since lifestyle and makeup blogger,
will be there to do our makeup, give us Fall/Winter Trend makeup tutorials, give us skin care advice, and provide us with tons of easy-to-do makeup tips.
Can't wait another day?
The beauty guru has provided us with 6 of her top tips for the winter!
Check it out and get more makeup and skin care tips and tricks from
Urban Glam Gyrl
The Holiday Shop, Sip, & Give Soiree
this Thursday, from 7-10pm at Urban Trademark Boutique!
1. It's the winter time so it's a bit more chilly in the office, at home or in the car.
The heat from the heater can suck the life right out of your skin and cause it to become dry and dehydrated. Rather than turn up the heater every time you feel a chill, try wearing more layers to keep you warm instead. 

2. Stay hydrated...
Water is your skin's friend all year round. Staying hydrated from the inside will help your skin to stay more supple and will help to retain moisture if you do opt to use your heater a bit more, which is understandable during the winter months.

3. Rose water...
Heading out to an Holiday get together or after work Christmas celebration? I like to freshen up my face with a spritz or two of rose water. Rose water is a favorite of mine as it helps to maintain the skins natural pH, has anti-aging benefits and tightens pores. I usually purchase mine online or at an Indian grocery store, but you can also find it at Whole Foods.

4. Winged Eyeliner...
 If I've been at the office all day and I'm headed to an after work event, I don't have time to re-do my whole face. So I freshen up the face with my rose water toner and then I usually touch up my eyeliner. I like to wing out my eyeliner for a more dramatic evening look but without appearing to made up.

5. Add some sparkle...
If winged eyeliner isn't your thing you can also up the drama factor by adding a bit of glitter or sparkle with your eye shadow. If you keep your makeup pretty neutral for the office, then just select an eye shadow that's in the same color family or that complements your makeup look and pop in your makeup bag. When you're ready to switch up your look after work, you can just pop that sparkle eye shadow on top and freshen up your eye liner.

6. Try a bold lip...
I love a bold berry lip in the fall/winter. Find one that suits your skin tone and your lifestyle and then just have fun with it. There are so many shades out there, I'm sure you will find one that suites your taste. One of my faves is Berry Haute by Revlon, which you can find at CVS, Rite Aid or Walgreens and my other fave is Hang-up by MAC Cosmetics. A berry lip almost instantly ups the drama and says that you are ready for all the holiday parties!!!

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