Tuesday, December 10, 2013

9 Cool Secret Santa Gifts Under $25

top 9 cool gifts

Tis The Season to give Secret Santa Gifts!
9 Days until "Holiday Shop, Sip, & Give Soiree" and today we're focusing on
 Secret Santa Gifts!
Now me, personally, I dread Secret Santa exchanges like I dread the snow
 (How do you deal with it east coast??!)

Well if you loathe the $25 Gift Exchanges like I do, due to not being sure of what exactly to get someone you hardly know, don't fret my Mistletoe Muffins!

As I searched for some Secret Santa Gift Inspiration on sites like Urban Outfitters and TopShop, I came across these incredibly awesome gifts that are perfect for the picky guy that has it all to the girl who is "ok" with whatever you give her at the company gift exchange dinner
(don't you hate that girl? lol!)

Check out the my Top 9 Coolest Gifts  EVER that won't break the bank for Him & Her!

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