Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December Wishes

It's December already and the year has gone by incredibly fast!
So what are my last 10 *Wishes* before the end of the year?
1) A Nation wide recall on all Peplum Tops (Good Lord, Please!)
2) Wannabe Style Mavens to realize that there is Style and then there is Straight Up Tackiness
3) Roberto Cavalli and H&M Collaboration PLEASE!
4) Tara to NOT forget to DESTROY Peter Gunz Robocop shades during her next spaz
5) To attend MADE Fashion Week
6) Less leather pants, more wool skirts
7) A Prada Vitello Bowler Bag, the one below (CrysWishlist!)
8) Random 90 degree weather days
9) Beyoncé to PLEASE release her new album
10) For a Unicorn to bring me a year supply of Cashmere, Diamonds, Faux Fur Coats,
and Coconut Water

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