Thursday, January 2, 2014

10 Tips on How to Kick Off & Maintain your New Years Resolutions!

New Years Resolutions!
Oh boy...
How many times have we jotted down our New Years Resolutions in our smart phone notes, wasted hours on a vision board, only to carry out those resolutions for about 3-4 weeks, pick them back up once summer started to arrive, and then said "To hell with them!" after we realized that WingStop had too tight of a grip on us!?!
Well this time will be different!
(How many times have we said that?!)
No, seriously!
These are no longer New Years Resolutions, these are New Year Commitments!
This year, I will commit to becoming a Yogi & a better driver
(no hit parked cars in 2014!)

It'll be tough, but once I commit, I stick to it!

Below are some of the most common New Years Resolutions that I came across that are made and then broken!

Check them out because they are also followed by solutions on how to maintain these resolutions!

Resolution #1: I will lose weight.
How to make it work: Be more specific. How much weight do you want to lose? What is your time frame for reaching these goals? The more specific you are, the more likely you will be able to reach them. More importantly, make sure that you have a specific diet plan to fulfill this resolution. Here’s an example: “I will only eat half a cup of rice per meal and more vegetables.” The next thing you know, you are already two sizes smaller.
Just eat vegetables, fruit, and drink a lot of water with lemon in it,
you're welcome!
Resolution #2: I will go to the gym.
How to make it work: Feeling guilty during the holiday binge, some people tend to sign up for gym memberships only to end up wasting them. If you have never stepped foot in a gym for the past six months, chances are it won’t change this coming year. There are plenty of ways to exercise outside the gym, from trying a sport to following fitness videos. If you don’t have time for both, you can start with this resolution: “I will take the stairs at work or when I’m out and about.” That will definitely burn some calories.
Resolution #3: I will save more money.
How to make it work: It’s easy to say this at the start of the year, but not when you are faced with a beautiful pair of shoes, or while you are hanging out at your favorite coffee shop. Skip the items you don’t need and watch your savings grow. Here’s a resolution that you can make: “I will drink coffee at home instead of buying that expensive latte.”
Resolution #4: I will never be late again.
How to make it work: This resolution requires breaking a habit by replacing it with another one. Make concrete steps -- sync your watches and clocks to follow the Philippine standard time. Sleep early. Set your alarm an hour earlier than you intend to wake up, and make this resolution: “I will stop hitting the snooze button.”
Resolution #5: I will keep my house clean and organized.
How to make it work: If you have always been disorganized, chances are you will have a hard time fulfilling this resolution. Start small by telling yourself: “I will organize my closet this Saturday.” Continue by cleaning other parts of your room until you finish the entire house.
Resolution #6: I will stop smoking.
How to make it work: Going cold turkey is not the most effective way for most people who want to stop smoking. Take baby steps instead – if you usually smoke two packs of cigarettes a day, reduce it by half. Here’s an example: “I will only smoke one pack of cigarettes a day.” After a few weeks, take it a step further by cutting the number of cigarettes you smoke daily to half a pack. The next thing you know, you won’t even miss it.
Resolution #7: I will spend less time on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
How to make it work: This is another tricky resolution to make, especially if you already have the habit of checking your social media pages throughout the day. Try this resolution instead: “I will not check my Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts when I’m outside the house, unless it’s really important.” If this is too much for you, start with keeping your phone during meals. Less screen time will help you cultivate and maintain relationships with the people around you.
Resolution #8: I will be more concerned about the environment.
How to make it work: You don’t have to be a vegetarian to express your concern for Mother Earth. All you need is to change a few habits, from turning off lights and appliances that are not in use to using recycled items. Here’s another example to help you get started: “I will bring my own water bottle to work or school.”
Resolution #9: I will start dating other people.
How to make it work: You cannot just decide to go out and date the first person you meet. It is not only dangerous – it will also make you look desperate. Make this resolution instead: “I will go out and make an effort to meet new people.” Making yourself more “visible” will boost your chances of finding a long-term partner. If it doesn’t work out, you still end up having more friends.
Resolution #10: I will spend more time with my family.
How to make it work: This may be hard for career-oriented people to fulfill. Free up some time to spend with your family by making this concrete resolution: “I will have dinner at home with my family every Sunday.” This will lessen the chances of you working overtime or accidentally scheduling a night out with friends.


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