Wednesday, January 29, 2014

#CrysTips: My Top 5 Personal Style Tips

"Styling and helping women is my absolute passion in this life
What motivates me to do it is seeing the smile on the client's face when they see the final results. It gives me great joy knowing that I am able to be a solution to the fashion needs of others."
-Crys Quote
Sunday, I had the pleasure of working with MUA,
Urban Glam Gyrl
and Nail Artist,
Lipstick Mixtapes,
for the Glam Lounge of the Beauty-N-Black Expo.
It was an incredible feeling, being able to push "Crys The Fabulous Watson" or the abbreviated "CTFW", when it was just a blog that was created to be a creative outlet for me and a distraction to help me get over an ex-boyfriend almost 2 years ago (ha!)!
I gave personal styling tips, promoted my affordable personal style consulting services, and was able to network with fashion boutiques, women's non-profits, and pampering services.
This event was totally up my alley because it was all about encouraging women to be their incredible selves, all around, from the inside and out!

I think that people fail to realize that displaying your fabulous personal style makes a huge impact on yourself and the others around you. When you look amazing, you feel amazing which makes others want to be in your amazing presence!

This inspired me to give my Top 5 Tips on how to always stay on top of your
Personal Style game!
1) Know your shape!
Once you find out your shape, get to work on knowing what will flatter your figure and will make you look like SpongeBob Square Pants. Knowing your shape will also make it easier for you to filter the latest trends and make them your own. You always want to look nice and trim!
2) Try Something New!
The trick to evolving your personal style is snagging a "wild card" piece with you when you're out shopping. What's the worst that could happen?
Heads: You look fabulous and you've now upgraded your style game.
Tails: It looks awful and now you know what pattern/style/color to stay away from.
It's a win win situation!
3) Stop Wearing Grey!
Can you ever think of a time when you've heard someone say that grey was their favorite color? ...and if they did tell you that it was their favorite color, didn't you kind of feel bad for them and offer to buy them a pink sugar cookie?
Exactly! Grey has to be one of the most unfabulous colors in the crayon box!
Never have I seen this color truly compliment a person's skin tone or brighten up a person's mood. Opt for black, white, or colors; whether it be for work wear or off duty.
Get out of the "Grey Area" in your relationships, career, and love life!
You're welcome.
4) Behind Every Fabulous Girl is a Fabulous Tailor
I have stated this many times on numerous posts!
I am a firm believer in tailors and I am a huge fan in the work that they do for me, from hemming my vests from a thrift shop trip to replacing dull buttons on a classic coat.
It's the easiest way to get that Tom Ford fit on a Target budget!
Looking tailored screams quality, I'm important, and "Oh, I valeted my car" lol!
Look to yelp for the best tailor in your area and befriend them stat!
5) Always Keep an Emergency Wardrobe Kit on Hand
What's awesome about being a wardrobe stylist is always having my awesome styling kit with me.
Now I know the average woman may not need to keep a steamer in their car, but they most definitely need to keep double-stick tape, safety pins, makeup sponges(awesome for getting rid of deodorant marks!), a lint roller, wet wipes, and a Tide To-Go eraser!
These little God-Sends are must-haves for every fabulous girl on the go.
Keep them in your purse or in your car
I'm a huge fan of the Minimergency Kit! They fit into almost every purse and they even have them for men for only $16!

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