Saturday, March 10, 2012

"Hey Crys! Make me look like THAT Guy,Yea?" Edition

This segment is for the GQ/Complex readers, the Stylishly Challenged Guys that just wants to impress The Ladies, the Guys that have 8 Roommates, and for the Guys that only carry cash because their Bank of America checking accounts are Overdrawn. LOL!
I am here for you!
Which is why I created the "Hey Crys! Make me look like THAT Guy,Yea?" Edition.

In this segment, I take editorials (or pictures that YOU send in) of well dressed men and I re-create their look. This look is Budget Friendly, which means that you will have enough money left over to fill up your tank, take out your hot co-worker, buy rounds of drinks without wondering what time Happy Hour ends, and be crowned the "Baaalllliiiiinnnn' King" :)

This first look is a GQ March 2012 editorial featuring Trey Songz who dons a trendy and casual spring ensemble.
Estimated Jimmies: $1,700(without the shoes).

Budget Friendly Twist

The Jimmies: $125.34


The Jimmies: $59.90

                                       Karmaloop - WeSc The Jayden Sweater in White
The Jimmies: $48

The Jimmies: $14

The Jimmies: $5.95

TOTAL Jimmies: $253.19

...And if you're feeling Snazzy...

The Jimmies: $12.95

The Jimmies: $39.50

TOTAL Jimmies: $305.64

We've just created an entire Snazzy and Budget Friendly look that will impress The Ladies and make your friends ask you for 50 bucks!
Now go out there and knock 'em dead Handsome!

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