Thursday, March 15, 2012

Style Tribute FAB: Rihanna The "Rated R" Era

Ah the Rated R era!

Short hair, don't care, all black, Fierce, and FABulous "Rated R" Rihanna!
I never told anyone this but I actually wanted BE like Rihanna.
This was MAJOR because, since the day I was born, I've never wanted to be anyone but Crys "The FABulous" Watson lol!

Sure, Rihanna gave us all the impression that she added blood to her protein shakes and ate new born babies for happy hour, but her style was this rock & roll meets hip-hop vixen with a splash of goth that was missing in my Life!

EVERY look brought out my inner Gay Man
*screams "YAAASSSSS Mama YAAASSSS!!!" as I post the pictures I've gathered*! LOL!

But as I let out a long sigh as the red head "Rapunzel" pops up on my Google search and the long haired, blond bombshell Rihanna covers my favorite Celeb Blogs, I trust that her Amazing Stylist Mariel Haenn knows exactly what she's doing.

...but I pay Homage to, and will never forget...My short haired, All-black-Everything,  and Edgy Rihanna *Tear*
 *Plays G4L in the Background*

RIP Edgy Rihanna

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