Thursday, March 15, 2012

Trend FAB: Blazer Bandit!

 If I had to be some sort of  Evil Villain, I'm pretty sure I would be the 
Blazer Bandit!

I can totally see it now!
Looking sleek and always slick!
Beating up Do-Gooders with my spiked leather biker gloves, using my Laser gun on teenage skateboarders that won't move out of your way and couldn't care less if they mess up your fresh Mani/Pedi (Venting), and kicking the snot out of guys that only order appetizers on the first date with my 6inch black patent-leather boots.

....the Blazer? OH Yea! The Blazer!

Well the Blazer is the secret weapon!

The Blazer not only completes the Bandit ensemble, but it also has the power to make your boyfriend feel inferior to you, convince the lady in customer service that it was broken when you bought it, and give others the impression that you own a Discover Card.
Ladies, never under estimate the power of a FABulous Blazer!
...Which is why I have gathered several of my FAV & FAB Blazers with prices that range from the frugal & sleek Black Widow to the chic & lavish Poison Ivy..
*que's Evil Laugh*

The Glitter: $24.95

The Glitter: $34.80

The Glitter: $69.00

The Glitter: $80.00

The Glitter: $89.90

The Glitter: $98.48

The Glitter: $216.00

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