Thursday, March 8, 2012

My very FIRST Post! Yaaayyy Mee!! :)


My name is Crys "The FABulous" Watson! Unfortunately, my parents did not put "The FABulous" as my middle name, but I feel that it would be a MUCH better fit than Monique! Lol!

I am a Wardrobe Consultant that's working my way up the Fashion Career ladder in my Ultra-FAB city that's filled with rappers, actors, singers, socialites, models, groupies, club promoters, athletes, and Fashion Junkies(Like Myself lol!).

I am absolutely FASCINATED with ALL aspects of the Fashion Industry and I am a firm believer in ALL things FABulous!

This blog was created to document the Good Stuff that's WAY Too FABulous for me to be limited to just sharing with friends and social networks!

Join me on my journey as I navigate my way through the Fashion Industry while posting about my absolute Fav Fashion tips, trends, editorials, and everything FAB that crosses my path! :)

Crys The FABulous Watson

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