Thursday, March 29, 2012

~Stylish Citizens~ That YOU Should Know: TAHOE

~Stylish Citizens~
Anybody can purchase Fashion and look Fashionable, but it's TRUE Style that stands out in a crowd.
~Stylish Citizens~ was created to shine a much deserving light on hustling individuals making a name for themselves, all while staying true to their Unique and FABulous Style.
We can't make this S#@t up yo!

Our First Stylish Citizen is TAHOE, a Los Angeles native, Rapper and Grafitti Artist.
TAHOE released a series of songs which he had recorded over instrumentals of popular Hip-Hop artists and shared via his Twitter page that quickly built a buzz for Tahoe.

In Spring of 2011, Tahoe released his first EP, a 7 track, introduction titled 7teen. The EP was well-received and quickly solidified him as an artist with his own sound and clever wordplay. Tahoe is currently working on his first LP titled Nobody Special which is slated for release soon. He credits Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, and Drake as his musical inspiration.

      Let me start off by saying that your style is amazing! Where do you get your style inspiration from?
My style is influenced by the shoes on my feet. I get dressed from toe-to
head, so whatever looks good with the sneakers I’m sporting at the time.

Would you consider yourself a label-lover or a dedicated thrift shopper?
Really, I’m neither. I really like the thrill of the hunt a thrift store provides,
but thrift is what’s in now so I’m waiting on this whole fad to die down.

Who is TAHOE’s favorite Clothing Designer?
I don’t have one.  I’m not into ranking designers because I’ll wear any
affordable “Streetwear” brand as long as I like it.

You have some of the dopest t-shirts and sweaters that I’ve seen a guy wear! What are some of your top t-shirt/sweater brands?
Stussy definitely, I remember when it wasn’t as accessible and I would have
to drive to the La Brea store to get it. CMLA(Clothesminds), a local
collective of designers with their own lines Marquel Fashion,  Flamingo
Fashion, and HNTD.

You’re a self-proclaimed sneaker head, so what is your favorite sneaker brand?
Favorite is Nike/Jordan Brand.

So give me an estimated guess of how many pairs of sneakers you own?
 I own 60 pairs.

What’s the ONE accessory that you refuse to leave home without?
Fitted cap or some type of headwear.

What staple pieces define your style?
Definitely my sneakers.

Finish This Sentence: My Style is _____.
Reflective of my personality.

I’m sure all of my Male readers are dying to know…What are TAHOE’s Closet
Levi’s, I know a lot of guys are into the more high-end, expensive designer
brands, but the ladies are always checking for a dude in some fresh Levi’s.  I
got a lot of compliments from the ladies.

*laughs* Of course! Nothing screams confidence like a man in a pair of Levi's!
What style advice can you give to guys that are trying to switch their style up?
Make sure you’re not spending a lot of money on trendy things and fads,
you’ll be left with a closet full of regrets. Buy something that looks good on
you, dress for yourself and stop trying to look like everybody you see on

I strongly agree! What does TAHOE have in the works?
Right now I’m working on my upcoming LP Nobody Special, shooting
visuals for songs, and preparing to have an excellent 2012 God willing.

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