Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The UN-FABulous Disasters

FABulous Ladies & Amazing Gentlemen..
 Crys has always vowed to give you nothing but the Good, the FAB, & the GORGEOUS...

...but in my line of business (& thanks to social networks), there are times when I am faced with the hood, the BAD, & the HIDEOUS.

I mean I just don't Understand!!!
Who are these Yes Men??
What would drive these people to make such Horrific Fashion choices??
Where are these people's PR Reps??
When did Dynasty become the inspiration for Rappers??
WHY didn't anybody in Lil' Waynes camp object to him dressing like a Pre-Teen???
In our day and age, we call them #HAMs or #FashionFAILS
I call them...

UN-FABulous Disasters!

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